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Pot with lid

Price : 300 €

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Tel. +32 3 226 54 00

ref. 27720


Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 20 cm
Length: 11 cm

Artist Biography: Evelyne Porret and Michel Pastore are amazing potters. Since more than twenty years they live in the heart of the oasis of the Fayoum in Egypt. Their work is interesting mixture of Eastern and Western influences.

With the present natural resources at hand(ground and peat) they create inspired ceramics. Although the works have Eastern roots, the pieces each have their own character with their own free interpretation.

The shapes are single and elegant. The plates, vases, bowls, teapots, … are often decorated with elements that can be found in Arabic calligraphy. They each deliver a mysterious message that only the heart can decipher.
The email objects, mat or shiny, seem to have lived and matured for years.

It is obviously a collection with a great and timeless, emotional value. It will conquer the heart of these who want to cheer up daily routine with touches of magic craftsmanship.

Evelyne Porret and Michel Pastore show us the creative power of mixing cultures and … their creations bring a universal message of respect and friendship.

Serge Tribouillois


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